MPOWER 25V Cordless Hammer drill/Driver Kit (TV hot sale goods)

◎ Professional automatic chuck diameter is 10MM.
◎ Low speed and high speed can be used for any Material
◎The stepless speed change switch is reversed to make the work easier to control.
◎ Comfortable rubber non-slip grip design and LED lighting.
◎ Three-function design can be used for general metal, wood drilling and cement wall drilling.
◎18+1 segment torque clutch can protect the substrate from excessive damage

Price per unit: $3980


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Product information

Product content:
25V impact drill (with battery)*1
Special storage box*1
Instruction manual*1
Warranty card*1
98 accessory set *1 (including: three function level ruler *1, screwdriver head *7, 25mm screwdriver head *11, 50mm screwdriver head *7,
                   Sleeve*8, Socket Post*1, Woodworking Flat Drill*2, Iron Drill*6, Cement Drill*1,
                   Tile drill bit*1, flexible hose*1, transparent accessory box*1 (with expansion screw *26, self-tapping screw *26)

Product specifications

DC 25V lithium battery
Chuck Size : 0.8-10mm
Chuck Type : plastic,single sleeve
#of Speed Settings : 3
No load 2speed: 0-550 rpm / min
                           0-1500 rpm / min
Clutch Settings : 18 
charger Size :
Input voltage: 100-240V; 50/60Hz 45W
Output voltage: 25.2V
Charging time: 3-5 hours


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